Jul 10, 2021

Ana Frias

Amsterdam – Part II


In Amsterdam – Part I we said you will wish your head was on a swivel as you walk around the city to take everything in. Well here are some examples of why – architecture, bicycles, flowers!

The Architecture

The buildings here are so unique especially the canal houses/businesses. The narrowness of the buildings along with the colors, unique facades, and elaborate gables and rooftops are spectacular.

At night, you’re transported to another time as you walk the narrow alleyways, see the reflection of dew from the street lamps on the street and look in awe at the beautifully lit building exteriors. Stunning!

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The Netherlands has an extensive system of bike lanes, so you can get pretty much anywhere on your bike. This means that you won’t have to spend money on a car & gas, and won’t be polluting the environment!

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Gorgeous flowers around Amsterdam

Amsterdam has beautiful plants and flowers all around the city. I was in awe admiring all of the flowers I wish I could plant in Phoenix but the extreme heat will kill them in less than 5 minutes!

From Cherry Blossoms trees, Wisteria vines, Lilac bushes, Pacific Bleeding heart and Hydrangeas…oh my! My eyes could not handle so much beauty!

We also visited the Tulips in Amsterdam but I’m leaving that visit for another post. There were too many amazing flowers that deserve to have its own post. So stay tuned for part III :D.

Amsterdam Cherry Blossoms trees

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