My plant-forward food philosophy

Let’s be honest. I don’t like the word diet anymore. Many times, diet is used to describe restrictive eating, with a focus on regulation and weight loss. For many years I used to be in a restrictive diet for my fitness competitions. Since then, I developed a more balanced way of eating while still focusing on healthy foods.

To me, eating is about celebrating, nourishing, and fueling our bodies so they perform at their best. But, like many people, I’ve taken my own food journey that has led me to dabble in different ways of cooking and eating. I grew up an omnivore, eating pretty much anything. Nothing was off the table at my house—my dad grew incredible vegetables, and our garden was lush with all kinds of produce and fruits in the summer but also ate lots of meat and seafood.

Beautiful vegetables scattered on a gray board.

Recently I have tried vegan and vegetarian and it wasn’t for me. I finally landed on what makes sense and what works best. I eat plant-forward with a touch of flexitarian.

What is a Flexitarian?

The flexitarian diet is a combination on two words: flexible and vegetarian.

Flexitarian can be defined as a plant-forward, semi-vegetarian diet while incorporating meats once in a while. It’s about choosing more nutrient-dense foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, low-fat dairy, healthy fats and occasionally lean meats.

So, rather than omitting 100% animal products, it’s all about moving them to the side of the plate.

I hope you enjoy the recipes in this website and that they inspire you to celebrate the veggies on your plate.

Happy cooking!

Nourishing, and fueling our bodies so they perform at their best with a Plant-forward & Flexitarian diet. Always adding more vegetables to our meals!”